My Journey to a High Vibe life…

Oh, hi there high vibe readers!! Welcome!

A little about myself…

I am a Chiropractic Wife, and Natural Mama to 5 beautiful kids who are my most noble accomplishment.

I am an Essential Oils Educator and mentor, I find so much joy in educating others on plant based solutions. I am obsessed with non toxic DIY beauty and self care, and you will find me high vibe making potions and crafting up oils recipes, its addicting!

I have taught Group Fitness and been an instructor for well over a decade. Fitness has always been a big part of my life and you will find me at the gym during the week either teaching classes, lifting weights or practicing yoga. I also am a certified yoga alliance teacher. I have my 200 hour RYT.

I am a wellness enthusiast, who loves studying holistic health. You can call me a FOODIE, whole organic foods are my jam, I enjoy making healthy recipes for me and my family.

I choose to live a high vibrational life by cultivating whole motherhood and raising my children naturally. I am an advocate for breastfeeding, natural child-birth and gentle parenting.

I believe that true health comes from Mother Nature. Eating real food, nourishing your skin with real ingredients (NOT toxic chemicals), by moving your body, and raising your vibe to the next level with essential oils.

I believe that stress is literally killing us. You can do everything else perfectly, but if you’re stressed to the max, you’re going to feel like crap. It’s time to get intentional and live according to how you want to feel, not what everyone else is telling you

I love being a healer in my own home. I find so much happiness in teaching others to do the same. I love connecting with others, to serve them. My purpose of this website is much greater than myself, it is build a happy healthy world one family at time.

Where health is the destination, and wellness is the JOURNEY

…A real mom, just sharing my health journey with you!

It is my pleasure to help you in your journey to holistic health. Grab some kombucha, or herbal tea… HAPPY READING!

“I believe that we’re all better when we take care of ourselves and family. You can be a better Mom, wife, daughter, friend, and lady-boss when you’re rested, nourished, and fulfilled, besides our health is your greatest asset to this world. The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest life force in getting well, creating wholeness, and exemplifying wellness.”