Intro to Doterra Essential Oils

There is a better, safer more natural way to take care of yourself and your family. These oils support your physical, emotional and chemical stressors, and will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body, your health and our earth. The volatile aromatic compounds in these beautiful bottles speak the language of health + restoration in your body.

Essential oils have been used for many years for medicinal and therapeutic benefit in herbal medicine and are safe and effective. They have many uses and are 50-70x more potent than their herbal counterpart. One drop of essential oil can enter your bloodstream in just a few seconds and is able to help support your body with whatever your health goals may be.

It’s helpful to understand that your body is designed to heal itself when it is given the RIGHT TOOLS.
Also we know that mother nature has an unmatched wisdom and posses the most powerful elements to heal.
Essential oils are natural tool that lend our body the same harmony that exists in nature itself.

I’m excited to introduce you to DoTerra and how it is the key tool we use in our
home to live a HIGH VIBE + natural life!

Maybe you want to ditch chemical cleaners, soothe aches and pains naturally, manage your mood, boost your immune system, sleep better, replace your synthetic self care and beauty products, or comfort your children with a safe natural option? DoTERRA essential oils are the answer! Our family of  7 have been using them and they’ve reinvented our healthcare. Let me show you how to do the same, it’s what I love to do! If you’re ready to purchase + would like to see this month’s promo, click the button below for 25% off doTERRA.


CONVENTIONAL approach vs. natural approach

Conventional Solutions:

  • Designed to manage symptoms

  • Made from isolated synthetic agents

  • Side effects (LOTS of known and unknown)

  • 5 Trillon/yr. spend on global healthcare/sick care

Question is? Are we healthier because of this? No!

Nature’s Solutions:

  • Helps minimize symptoms, addresses root causes

  • Made of hundreds of natural compounds found in plants that enhance physical and emotional health

  • Safe benefits WITHOUT side effects, resistance or Addictions

  • Pennies per dose, no time/money at the doctors visits, no copays

  • Oils are 50-70 times more powerful then herbs and support the body ability to function optimally

Essential oils work with the body to address issues and root cause on a cellular level. Scientifically, they are are lipophilic so they can pass right through the cell membrane to effectively and help support the body in so many ways. Every powerful drop contains a different amount of compounds. The threat CANNOT outsmart nature’s SOLUTIONS (God’s RX Cabinet).  Think about that for a minute! It rocks that for of years, nature has already provided us with a way empower ourselves through these natural solutions? Yes, Amazing!


How do you use oils?

Aromatically for aroma therapy:
-Breath in or diffuse
-Kills threats in the air
-Open airways
-Affect Mood
-Replace synthetic fragrance in the home

 Internally (only CPTG) for dietary support:
-Under the tongue, in water or a gel capsule
-Relieves issues with digestive system, mouth, throat and liver.

Topically for health and wellness purposes:
-Apply to the head, feet, ears, chest, back of the neck and/or trouble areas
-From bottom of the feet, enter the bloodstream to affect entire body within 30 seconds.



The more pure the essential oil, the more powerful the results. Many essential oils available to purchase are not pure. Often, they contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter the purity, thus diminishing the healthful qualities of the oil.

I tried several different brands before doTERRA, I use Young Living for 7 years and I dabbled in plant therapy, butterfly express and health food store brands, and I didn’t think twice about where my oils were coming from or how the earth was being preserved. Then I learned about doTERRA and their sourcing practices:

  • Plants are grown in their native habitat, CO IMPACT: and harvested at the best time to get all of the oil. Fun fact: Wintergreen grows in a lot of places, but it grows best in Nepal, so that is where doTERRA sources their oils. You can see how it is sourced here.

  • The oils are ethically sourced: doTERRA sources their oils all over the world (because some plants grow better other places than the United States, obvs), and two-thirds of our sourcing is done in developing countries. Instead of going in and taking over, doTERRA partners with them, allowing them to grow and better their life without taking everything away from them. doTERRA makes sure the growers get fair and on-time payments and also offers profit-sharing programs to the people they work with. We call this “co-impact sourcing”. Click the link to watch a quick video about it! Oh, and doTERRA helps to teach their partners to create cooperatives and preserve farmlands for the future generations. Which leads to the next point:

  • They love mother earth! Because of both of the above point this make things sustainable meaning working with mother nature instead of against it. doTERRA’s name essentially means, “gift of the earth” and not only do they value their employees, they value the way the plants and oils are treated.


  • Testing. DōTERRA wanted to have transparent accountability so they created an internal standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)which is verified by 3rd party labs.  The name is a trademark but the standard is real and concrete. There is a lot of testing throughout the whole process (such as monitoring soil quality) and 6 tests performed before the final product is bottled. And they test EVERY liter not just random tests here and there. All of the basics are checked first: sight, smell, taste and touch. Then they test to rule out any presence of fungus, mold, pesticides and any other contaminants. What I know, from seeing the detailed way they handle the whole entire process, from the farmer to customer service, is that dōTERRA makes sure every drop is safe and pure.

  • Humanitarian Efforts: I LOVE that dōTERRA has a non-profit charity. It’s called Healing Hands and it’s funded by members, employees and the executives. We have the option to donate a dollar (or more) each month on our monthly orders and they fund raise in other ways as well, such as events or selling special products such as rose lotion and emergency kits to give back to society. Healing Hands has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for O.U.R Rescue, Days For Girls, and so many more non profit groups that are changing lives. Most recently money was raised for victims of the earthquake in Nepal, and they were there on the ground right away, providing blankets and shelter.  This is my FAVORITE part of what doTERRA does. Read more about Healing Hands and their amazing projects HERE.

  • Vision on Healthcare as a WHOLE: In a nutshell, We are revolutionizing healthcare as we know it with Prime Meridian Healthcare clinics. One of doTERRA's visions is to provide AFFORDABLE preventative healthcare for our concerns and challenges to increase the quality of life. The proposed medical services include: complete primary care, urgent care, wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, essential oil therapies, and genome testing. You can check out more here.

Now for the best part, lets learn and experience the top 10 essential oils that can replace 90% of what you’re already using at home.


Here’s my Top 10 favorite essential oils and the benefits they offer!

  1. DigestZen – Digestive distress, colon support, upset stomach, supports healthy acidity in the stomach.

  2. Melaleuca – Supports healthy skin, increases moisture in dry skin and dry scalp, support a healthy mouth.

  3. OnGuard – Provides protective and proactive immune support, supports healthy cell function, kills germs naturally on contact.

  4. Deep Blue – Connective tissue and muscle discomfort, soreness, tension, or helps support the feelings of discomfort as a child grows.

  5. Breathe – Respiratory support, gives aid in clearing out the lungs and chest, and helps increase oxygen to the lungs.

  6. Lavender – Helps with relaxation, contributes to healthy sleep patterns, supports healthy skin and helps the mitigate the symptoms caused by environmental irritants!

  7. Peppermint – Helps with environmental sensitivities, itching, supports healthy digestion, increase focus and alertness,  helps with discomfort, reduces body temperature.

  8. Lemon – Helps remove toxins from the body, supports healthy immune system function, helps improve mood.

  9. Frankincense – The ‘Godfather’ of all essential oils! Supports healthy cell growth and unhealthy cell removal.

  10. Oregano – Very high in antioxidant properties and helpful at supporting someone when they are feeling under the weather, Natures most powerful immune support.

More Essential Oil Vibes: