Online Resources

Amazon: is by far my favorite. I love their subscribe and Save program. This is where if you choose to get the item every month or every couple months they give you a greater discount. A regular Amazon Prime membership costs $79 a year ($99 after March 20th), but you can try it for free for 30 days. There are also two discounted groups available as well.

Amazon Prime means I can get what I need in two days! Wahoo! Othe perks are prime instant video, music, ect. It’s so worth it to have a prime membership. This is very helpful since I am last minuet shopper sometimes.

Plus, it’s just so convenient to be able to order books, favorite natural health products, household items, kid supplies, and pantry items, all at once.

Sign up today!

Thrive Market: is relatively new. It has been described as the healthy organic, online version of Costco. Not only is it convenient, many of the items are priced lower that what you’d pay at the health food or grocery store.

For less than $5 a month ($59.95 per year), as a member you can shop 2,500 high-quality food, supplements, personal care, beauty, and household products from more than 400-500 of the top brands available. All items are 25-50% below retail price! And it’s all delivered straight to your doors with Shipping is FREE for orders over $49.

Pretty Cool! Get a membership and start saving!

VitaCost: is a fantastic resource for purchasing more natural products, healthier convenience foods just like amazon (sometimes it’s cheaper), natural toiletries, and more. It’s very user friendly and they are pretty fast on shipping!

Sign up for VitaCost today, and get $10 off a 30 dollar purchase!

Azure Standard: is like an online coop. It is based in Oregon and is delivered by truck once a month. You need to be on (or near) one of their many truck routes in order to take part in the delivery process. However, they do deliver all over, so check and see if you are near a dropping point. Don’t worry, the truck is refrigerated and also has a freezer. This means you can get other cold items like meat and such. It’s a great option for us real-foodies!

Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op: This is probably my favorite to share with you! BBFC is a not-for-profit food co-op for families that want to have more fresh produce for less money. In order to participate, you must set up a free account on the website. I love this because it all grassroots. You are really supporting your community when you get involved with bountiful baskets. I truly love this infinitive!

The cost of good quality produce is rising, so this is great way to get local, even organic produce in your house for a feasible cost. They have drop offs all over the US. They usually consist of half fruits and half veggies, and you will find old favorites and a few new foods that you may have never heard of! A Conventional Basket is $15 and to upgrade it to organic it is another $10. They have different wholefood add-ins that you may add to your basket for an additional low cost (like sourdough bread, homemade granola, ect.) When selecting your contribution, you will also select your pick-up location. They have an A and B schedule that is followed, so be mindful of that!. Each site only has a limited number of baskets, so they can sell out fast! I just set an alarm on my phone to remind me!

Picking up your basket is pretty simple! You select a pick up time and you must be there within the 20-minuet window or you lose your contribution. Trust me I have done that before and totally lost it! You don’t want to have to forfeit your food, so make sure you remember. Updates and emails will be sent out as well. You can send a family member as long as you have your contribution number. This is completely ran by volunteers. It only exists because of them, so try and put some time in to helping out every few months if you can.

Also another note: Bring something to put your produce in. Even though it’s called Bountiful “baskets,” your produce does not come in a basket. LOL! The Organic baskets will come in a box, and the conventional baskets will not. Laundry baskets work great, as do boxes and reusable produce totes 


YEAR ROUND RESOURCES – Ordering done online.

- Provider Farms
- Direct Fresh Produce (Facebook Page)
- Idahos Bounty
- Direct Local Food
- The Works CoOp
- Brown Box Organics (Facebook Page)
- Windy Hill Farms CoOp
- Future Real Food CoOp in Nampa
- Pure Food CoOp in Nampa (Facebook Page)
- Healthy By Nature CoOp (Facebook Page)


- Farm and Garden Produce
- Commonwealth Seed Library (Plant and grow your own FOOD!):


- Stone-hedge Produce
- Cliffs Market: Facebook
- Down to Earth Health Foods
- Jakes Gluten Free Market (Facebook Page)
- Barnucopia
- Boise CoOp (Facebook Page)
- Porter House Market (Facebook Page)
- Northend Organic Nursery (Seasonal) (Facebook Page)


- Goshen Farm (Facebook Page)
- Kelso Farms (Facebook Page)
- Pure Food CoOp in Nampa (Facebook Page)


- Anderson Apple Ranch (Facebook Page)
- Cabalo’s Orchards & Gardens (Facebook Page)
- Caldwell Idaho Orchard
- Linder Farms – Pumpkin patch
- Montierth Home Orchard And Garden
- Northbound Farm
- Tyler’s Rocky Point Orchard (Facebook Page)
- Cherry Stone
- Elliott’s Orchard: How ‘Bout Them Apples!
- Plaza Farm Store
- Richardson Farm (Facebook Page)
- Suyehira Farm
- Wee King’s Orchard
- Falling Fruit


- Earthly Delights (Facebook Page)
- Healing Gardens
- Flutterby Gardens


- Hello Dinner! (Facebook Page)
- 3 Sisters Catering (Facebook Page)
- The Arid Club (Facebook Page)
- A’ Tavola (Facebook Page)
- Bardenay (Facebook)
- Boise CoOp Deli, Salad, & Breakfast Bar (Facebook Page)
- Boise Fry Company (Facebook Page)
- Bon Appetit / College of Idaho (Facebook Page)
- Brick 29 Bistro (Facebook Page)
- Cafe Vicino (Facebook Page)
- The Cornerstone Bistro (Facebook Page)
- Fork (Facebook Page)
- Jenny’s Lunch Line (Facebook Page)
- Locavore (Facebook Page)
- Mai Tai (Facebook Page)
- Tapia Family Catering (Facebook Page)
- Sol Bakery (Facebook Page)