What to order (Fast Food)

We understand that your busy lifestyle does not allow for a strict diet for home cook healthy meals all the time.  Here is a guide that can help you make smarter food choices if your in a time crunch and have to eat fast food.

 Always order water, no super sizing, and I know it’s tempting but NO FRIES with that either!

 Here is an article that gives good insight on what to look for when eating fast food. There so many tTips on making better Fast Food Choices, but here just a couple things from each place that are healthier choices.

 Everything should be under 400 Calories that you order.


*Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette

Calories: 260 Protein: 30g Carbs: 16g Fat: 9g

 *Classic Grilled Chicken w/o Mayo.

You can ask for a side of mustard if you wish.

Calories: 340 Protein: 26g Carbs: 45g Fat: 7g

 Burger King

 *Tender Grill Garden Salad

Calories: 350 Protein: 36g Carbs: 33g Fat:10g

 *BK Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/o Mayo

Calories: 267 Protein: 22g  Carbs: 25g Fat: 8g


*Jr. Hamburger

Calories: 270 Protein: 14g Carbs: 34g Fat: 9g

 *Large Chili

Calories: 310 Protein: 23 Carbs: 32 Fat: 10

You are probably getting tried of Grilled Chicken Sands so I thought I would give you different options at Wendy’s.


*Regular Roast beef Sandwich

Calories: 350 Protein: 23g Carbs: 37g Fat: 13g

 *Light Roast Turkey/Chicken Deluxe

Calories: 260 Protein: 23g Carbs: 33g Fat: 6g


 *Char grilled Chicken Club Sandwich w/o dressings

Calories: 360 Protein: 30g Carbs: 31g Fat:13g

 *Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap

Calories: 390 Protein: 31g Carbs: 51g Fat: 7g


*Anyways six inch w/o mayo and no cheese.

*Use honey mustard as a substitute.

*Use all the veggies for topping as you wish!

*Chicken breast, turkey, ham, roast beef, club, and veggie


*Toasted Grilled Fillet Wrap

Calories: 240 Protein: 19g Carbs: 23g Fat: 8g

 *Honey BBQ Flavored Sandwich

Calories: 310 Protein: 38g Carbs: 37g Fat: 6g

 Taco Bell

*Chicken Gordita Supreme

Calories: 270 Protein: 17g Carbs: 29g Fat: 10g

 *Beef Soft Taco Supreme w/o sauce

Calories: 270 Protein: 15g Carbs: 32g Fat: 14g

Hopefully this will give you a good idea on what you can order to keep up with your healthy yet busy lifestyle. We don’t eat fast food much and we are not supporting eating fast food. Having said that, we get that life calls for it from time to time. We know there are times you have no other choice. Our personal favorite is CFA!

 FYI- Know that once in a while it’s PERFECTLY FINE to splurge in moderation – Fries and all!