{Recipe} Homemade Otter Pops

Homemade Otterpops! These are a must in the summer! After reading the ingredients of the ones at the store, I couldn’t buy them. They are chuck full of chemicals, dye, and so much sugar.

I decided to figure out how to make our own and for the past couple summers I have NAILED it! They are a huge hit with the kids and they love helping me come up with different flavors.

Simple, frugal and you bypass all the chemicals, artificial ingredients and food dye! It’s easy, just buy organic juices, lemonades, nut milks you like and start making combos!

Choose your flavor:
Here are some of our favs:
•Pink & regular lemonade
•Green Tea
•Cherry juice
•Apple juice
•Pineapple Juice
•Grape Juice
•Horchata: (nut milk, cinnamon + stevia)
•Dreamsicle: (nut milk, orange juice, stevia)

Pour juices/mixes into plastic popsicle bags and be sure to leave about an inch because as they freeze it expands. Freeze over night! Yes, that’s it, enjoy on a hot summer day!
Win! Happy healthy kids and mom!