Why our family chooses NOT to follow the Government Vaccine Program

WE DID! My Experinece:

We vaccinated our first son. I started questing it at his 6 month vaccines, even though now I look back his injuries started at birth the vaccine they first administered them at birth (Hep B.). He never reacted well to his vaccines. He would scream and cry for hours after them, arching his back. Lethargic and just not himself. One time his eyes rolled in tot he back of his head and he was like a comotoast baby. I knew this was not a healthy immune response, however I was told this was normal and that it was “protecting my baby.” I continued to vaccinate him out of fear, and because TRUE INFORMED CONSENT was not given. I remember going in and just being so concerned and the doctor pretty much bullied me into still continuing with the schedule. He made me feel like a horrible mother for even questioning the safety of vaccines.

I remember asking the doctor if we could at least just lower the does of vaccines, or if I could get some with out the preservatives/chemicals in them, because I was just so worried because it seemed he would get worse and worse with each vaccine series. I even asked about an alternative schedule. I also thought by getting a lower dose since he was on the smaller side would help with the way he handling them. I will never forget his response: He said, “ we don’t do that with vaccines, every baby gets the same.” I was soooooo confused. I asked, “even preemie babies that are super small.” He said, “yes!” This was a HUGE red flag for me because even with tylenol (that I used at the time and didn’t know how bad it was) we do according the weight.

I honestly felt very jaded by my own pediatrician that I felt like was supposed to be on my side, and at least address my concerns individually, not with a scripted response. If my child had been reaction badly to a medication, he would have adjusted the dose or prescribe something different. Why not with vaccines? I remember just having the sickest feeling in my gut, that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. I had such a bad feeling and I know now that was mothers instincts and I wish I would have listened sooner. There was so much fear driven and pressure to do this even though my son was not doing well. And I truly realized in that moment that something was just so fishy about this whole vaccine program.

I remember leaving the doctors office and just having a overwhelming feel that something was NOT CONNECTING and it just felt so wrong. I remember praying so hard, and distinctly having just a strong impression…. STOP!!!! STOP, and research more. STOP and truly listen to the signs. STOP. I heeding to that strong prompting after his 18 months shots. My son seems a little different , at 18 months he started isolating himself and his behavior was different. By this time I was pregnant with our second son, and I promised myself and God that I would do more research on this. Fast forward to now. My son is in special ed, and we have confirmed brain damage. I hate to think that I was one of those moms who just blindly followed the masses, but I was. I searched everything…. car seats, birth options, ect. However I didn’t reproach vaccines, I was only told they were “safe and effective. I now know that is NOT TRUE. This has been a long journey for us so here I am going to share why there are VALID REASONS NOT TO VACCINATE!

Our Family choose not to vaccinate for many reasons, not just because of our first sons experience. We did learn the hard way, it has been a journey for us and I feel like it worth sharing. We know that what learned is the truth, because it all started to make sense. I feel so very strongly about this topic, I know it a hard topic but I am taking it on because it is very important. So I will be brave…..


Let’s Count:

-21 injections during a baby’s first year of life are administered against 10 different diseases (HOLY COW!).

-Double that by age 2 and add a couple boosters. That equals, like stated above 49 doses of 14 different vaccines by the age of 6 years!

Also, Ingredients matter. If you care about ingredients in your cleaning products, food, and the in environment, we have to care about the ingredients in vaccines. Once I started reading the vaccines ingredient list on the CDC site, I seriously was appalled. Then I started reading the side effects of each vaccine, and wondered why these disclosures were not given to me at each of my vaccine appointments? It seriously was MIND BLOWING and actually very difficult to swallow. Read the vaccine inserts yourself!

They mass produce vaccines like candy in a workshop now, thus having to put all sorts of preservatives in them, just like all the processed food on our grocery store shelves. Monkey cells? If you mixed just little amounts of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. with viruses, then got a syringe and injected them into a child, you would be arrested for child endangerment and abuse. So, because the government recommends it, these vaccines companies are allowed to manufacture vaccines with these ingredients, it’s ok?

Oh, and did I mention that there are aborted fetal cells in there, too? Yes! You got that right! I used to think that this was untrue, that it was just something that people who chose not to vaccinate like to throw out there. However, as much as I didn’t want to believe it, it’s true. You might be shocked to know that more than 23 vaccines contain cells, cellular debris, protein, and DNA from aborted babies, including Adenovirus, Polio, Dtap/Polio/HiB Combo, Hep A, Hep A/Hep B Combo, MMR, MMRV Pro Quad, Rabies, Varicella, and the shingles vaccines. Aborted babies’ are being used everyday to create new cell lines for more vaccines. Of course your doctor didn’t tell you this. It’s very controversial. On the vaccine inserts they’re called something different, but they do in fact use these in the process of manufacturing vaccines.


**WI-38 (RA 27/3) was a 16-week-old female baby (20 cm long) who was aborted in Sweden because the parents felt they had too many children. The baby was packed on ice and sent to the United States (speculation suggests without consent – which was common) where it was dissected. The use of WI-38 cells is a lucrative moneymaking business.

**WI-1 through WI-25 cell strains were derived from the lung, skin, muscle, kidney, heart, thyroid, thymus, and liver of 21 separate elective (and some speculate illegal) abortions.**WI-27 was the fetus from which researchers extracted the live virus used in the rubella vaccine.

**WI-44 was derived from the lung of a three-month old surgically aborted fetus.**MCR-5 cell line was derived from the lung tissue of a 14-week-old male (Britain).

**PER C6 came from a healthy 18 week-old baby who was aborted for social reasons. This tumorigenic strain is being used to develop adenovirus, Ebola, influenza, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV vaccines. Developers call it a “human designer cell” but what they really mean is “aborted baby cells.”

**Eighty elective abortions (recorded) were involved in the research and final production of the current rubella vaccine: 21 from the original WI-1 through WI-26 fetal cell lines that failed, plus WI-38 itself, plus 67 from the attempts to isolate the rubella virus.

**The HEK293 cell line is derived from the kidneys of a healthy aborted fetus and is being used to develop new influenza vaccines.

There were many abortions (at least 80 in the development of the rubella vaccine alone) then. Ultimately, the tissues and cells from two aborted babies were selected for use. How do you honestly feel about that? Not going to lie, learning about this really really hurt my heart and soul. I am pro-life and had I had known vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, I KNOW I would not went through with it. What do you think happens when fetal organs pass through our bodies? How does their DNA interact with ours? It makes you think. It’s SO disturbing.

Babies lives are STILL ended and exploited for experimentation and profit. There are several fetal cell lines currently used to grown viruses to make vaccines, but many many aborted babies were experimented on in order to develop successful cell lines. Those fetal cell lines can be purchased by anyone to perform whatever experiments they want. Some of the vaccines that use fetal cell lines and which contain residual human DNA from those cells are MMR, Varicella (Chickenpox), and DTaP. Other vaccines are made from various animal tissue or fluids like monkey kidneys, chicken embryos, and fetal bovine serum (blood from the hearts of aborted baby cows). Most would be horrified to find out what has been incorporated into their bodies from vaccines. I personally cannot get past the idea of innocent babies’ bodies are continuously being slaughtered and used in this manner, knowing that there is ongoing “research” to develop new cell lines this way.

Another horrific problem with using fetal cell lines is that they are not immortal. There is a finite number of times they can replicate before they cease to be viable for vaccine production.

What does that mean? Yes, fetal cell lines are highly tumorigenic and the older the cell lines are, the greater the cancer-causing potential. So they need to be replaced. How are they replaced? More abortions, more cells lines. It is such a corrupt and evil design.

YES, there is a new fetal cell line that was recently developed in China, with the goal of replacing MRC-5. It's called Walvax-2, and there were 9 abortions involved. The abortions were performed via the water-bag method, so the babies could be delivered fully intact before being dissected and organs harvested while they were still alive. That is important because live viruses cannot be cultured on dead tissue. How evil. The horror, believe it, because it’s all true! When you vaccinate, your are supporting the abortion industry.


Moving on, the 4 main causes of disease are thoughts, trauma, and toxins. No toxin does any good, especially when injected into the blood stream, bypassing all protective mechanisms that our bodies naturally have in place. Injection is different than ingestion because our digestive systems work hard to identify, break down, and excrete toxins from our bodies. Injecting toxins deep into the body past all defense mechanisms is contrary to the human body’s design. Some vaccines contain ingredients that are labeled as “GRAS”…..“Generally Recognized as Safe.”  GRAS pertains to things like egg protein, peanut oil, etc. GRAS, when injected, may (let’s use the example of peanut oil) cause life-threatening anaphylactic shock or lifelong allergies. Vaccines contain aluminum, formaldehyde mercury, bonvine serum polysobate 80, glysophate & other chemicals and adjuvants that are toxic to humans. Why must vaccines have these ingredients in them?

What is Threshold? We all have a threshold of toxins, a point where we have reached our limit of being exposed to toxins and we begin to experience symptoms. Imagine a line graph and somewhere there is a horizontal line...that is your threshold. It is different for everyone. As long as you stay under that line you feel fine, you don't notice anything. You may be right under that line but you are managing the toxins. These toxins come from everywhere not just vaccines (food, water, vaccines, EMF, stress...). Now as soon as you hit that threshold you start to experience symptoms and now you are aware of the damage. For some it takes much more toxins to hit the threshold for some it takes a lot less. There are experts that study genetics and have talked about single nucleotide polymorphic variants (differences in our genes). Some have these gene variants that make their threshold MUCH lower so you see these people reacting very quickly to vaccines. So if you don't react or see others that don't react please don't assume that vaccines are safe. You or they may be just under your threshold. The more toxins you avoid the better chance you have at staying under that threshold. Vaccines are a HUGE contributor, you add in all the other contributors and most will get to that threshold!

So having said all this, if vaccines are so good for our children, why allergies are on the rise? There’s been a 400% increase in the last century! The AMA tells us that vaccines are safe, but safe to what degree? To me, nothing in them is safe. These toxins can cross the blood brain barrier, and none of them have been studies on how they effect out tissues, organs, ect. It’s frightening. Toxins and are toxins. There is no such thing as a good toxins.


There is not one double blind, placebo-controlled study in the history of vaccine development that has ever proven their safety, efficacy, or achievements with the doses we have now. There are no safety studies on the cumulative schedule. No safety studies individually on each ingredients, dosage, ect. The CDC has not studied the long term effects of all these toxins being put into our bodies. Why? There is also no scientific justification to explain how injecting a human being with confirmed neurotoxins is beneficial to human health or how it prevents disease. The Health and human services has openly admitted that in 32 years NO, NADA, NONE, ZIP yearly safety studies have been done! Now, if I am going to use something to “protect” my child wouldn’t I want to make sure it was safe first? They say not to give a baby honey before 1, but yet we inject toxic ingredients that have never been tested for safety and say it promotes health? So, NOT ONE vaccine that is on the schedule has been put through an inert placebo safety trial as in every other drug, nor has the cumulative  schedule been tested for safety. This should be another HUGE RED FLAG. We should want safety studies done on things especially things recommended to babies and children. Think about a car seat for your child, would you want to use it if it has never been tested for safety or over a long period of time? Routine safety check and studies are done, and we should want the same thing and expect the same thing with vaccines. With anything, we care about the safety of our children, but why when it comes to vaccines do we not question their safety when the true science has never been done? Food for thought.


Our Heavenly Father, in His grand design and wisdom, made the blueprint of a baby’s body in a marvelous way. During the first year of life, a baby is unable to scale an effective immune response to any disease because a prime immune reaction would damage his/her brain. What does this mean? The baby’s immune system is unable to regulate the amount of TH1 white blood cells it produces to react to a general virus or bacterium. The thymus gland that controls the immune system is not mature until after the age of 2 and their immune system is not fully developed until about age 7. The thymus controls T1/T2 immunity and T memory cells. It can’t “remember” a vaccine antibody until it’s mature. This is one reason why they are giving so many shots because they are trying to trigger the memory cell, but scientifically it is unable to do it job until it is mature. So in a nutshell, when vaccines were first introduced, they were given to school age children, never to babies. T1 & T2 immune cells are not even mature yet. Only mature T cells can create proper antibodies. This is the most logical scientific reason not to vaccinate. So in a nutshell, we take a beautiful perfect healthy baby with no immune system or mature T immune cells and try and trigger their immune system when it does not even function that way yet.


During the last couple years we have learned a lot about the human microbiome. We have a billion or more germs in our body and most of them are beneficial. Here is a great video to watch on the microbiome. They support immunity, metabolism, digestion, and just overall healthy function. We NEED THEM! This relates to vaccines because new research has shown that adults can develop immunity to microbes they have never come in contact with, which goes against the traditional immunity view that you have to be exposed to the germ/bacteria itself to become immune. Do you think there could be a less risky way of gaining overall immunity? We need to change our way of thinking. Immunity is not a shot in the dark. Secondly, we have little or no understanding of how vaccines affect this microbial balance in our bodies. The CDC refuses to study this very thing. We have a history of quickly intervening when it comes to science and medicine that seems promising, but this can backfire significantly. Remember when they said smoking was healthy?Are you seeing any similarities here? I think so. The 20th century was the antibiotic rage era where pharmaceutical drugs were considered to be our best mechanism for dealing with bacterial infections. Now, after generations of killing off bacteria with antibiotics we are in fact, seeing the negative side effects of this approach. We are now breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria folks! The annihilation of our micobiome has so much to do with the many chronic diseases which have no cure. It’s a no brainer that vaccines have this same potential.


Ok, lets talk about herd immunity! Unlike other medical interventions, population-based vaccine theory (yes, vaccines are theory, not exact science) also relies on the “herd” to protect weaker members, providing the justification to force everyone to vaccinate.  So, my decision not to vaccinate affects everyone?

Let’s look a little deeper, shall we? Our grandparents (the baby boomers) were only given about 4-6 shots, maybe 7 at most, and NEVER all before the age of 2. If the majority of our population comes from that generation, and vaccines wear off in 5-10 years, that tells us almost everyone is walking around unvaccinated! People really like to use this as a scare tactic. Herd immunity is a myth. If you are so scared that an unvaccinated person will make you ill or kill you, don’t leave your home and visit grandparents EVER! You should also call your doctor so he/she can give you your 40 booster shots. People who are for vaccines say that not everyone can be vaccinated and that vaccines are for healthy children, and vaccinating healthy children protects sick children who can’t be vaccinated by reducing the chances that they will be exposed. Exposed to what? Another healthy child? See how ridiculous that sounds?   More than half of the population is walking around unvaccinated, and you’re worried about unvaccinated children?

The argument is not even logical. Let’s take a look at what the CDC has to say about this:

Summary of Principles for Vaccinating Immunocompromised Persons:

“Killed or inactivated vaccines do not represent a danger to immunocompromised persons and generally should be administered as recommended for healthy persons. For specific immunocompromising conditions…additional vaccines, are recommended for them…and higher doses or more frequent boosters may be required” Huh? Wait what? It is pro-vaxers #1 argument! We are being sold that unvaccinated children are a risk to the immunocompromised when the CDC states the vaccines aren’t a real danger, and that the immunocompromised should get vaccinated with more frequent booster, higher doses and more frequent booster than the rest of us? With the other non inactive vaccines (Dtap/Tdap, influenza, pneumococcal, hep b, meningococcal, ect), It states that they should “be on the same schedule,” or “recommended,” or should “be the same as a non immunocompromised person.”


A little look at history will clarify the herd immunity debate. The herd immunity theory was originally disseminated in 1933 by a researcher called Hedrich. He had been studying measles patterns in the US between 1900-1931 (years before any vaccine was ever developed for measles), and he observed that epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children had developed a natural immunity to it. This was based upon the principle that children build their own immunity after suffering from or being exposed to the disease. Therefore, the herd immunity theory was, in fact, about natural disease processes and had nothing to do with vaccination. If 68% of the population were allowed to build their own natural defenses, there would be no raging epidemic.

Later on, vaccinologists adopted the phrase and increased the figure from 68% to 95% with no scientific justification as to why and then stated that there had to be 95% vaccine coverage to achieve immunity. Essentially, they took Hedrich’s study and manipulated it to promote their vaccination programs. More than half the population is walking around unvaccinated because we know vaccine immunity only lasts 5-10 years, yet people worry about children who are unvaccinated? If those vaccines work, there should be nothing to worry about.

To clarify, the theory of herd immunity was never intended to apply to vaccines (but to NATURAL infections that give lifelong immunity) and in fact does not apply to them at all. We once thought vaccines would last for a lifetime, but we now know that most wear off in less than 5-10 years, as stated previously. Not only are most adults not vaccinated for half of the diseases that kids are today, but also many teens and young adults who have lost that immunity. Further, many of these diseases saw infection rates decrease dramatically before vaccines and independently of them in countries where they were not given yet, which can be directly attributed to increased sanitation (such as hand washing)/clean water and better nutrition. This theory of herd immunity should not even be applied to this debate.

ALL of my grandparents had these “vaccine-preventable” diseases and lived to tell about them. If they were vaccinated, how many did they get and how older were they? They were not babies and were given way less. The vaccines were introduced after they’d grown to adulthood. As we can see, we already started to see a decline in disease before the introduction of some vaccines. My grandparents survived and now have lived with lifelong immunity to the “deadly diseases.” Vaccines get the all the credit for being the decline in disease, but this is not so.

Our bodies, which were created by God, are smart! Vaccinating does not protect all the people around you. We are born healthy, not with disease, and unvaccinated children do NOT threaten society. You can not vaccinate and believe that your children are protected and then feel your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no one else is carrying. Sorry, that just makes NO SENSE! Anyone can get a disease whether they are vaccinated or not (remember what happened to my husband? He was vaccinated in the military and before his mission, and he still got MMR). It’s not the germ/bacteria that is the problem; it’s the host that the germ/bacteria has invaded. If a person’s immune system is strong, he/she is able to fight off invading pathogens. A weak immune system and an unhealthy body is a perfect host for illness or disease to manifest itself.


I would also like to address the dogma that children who are not vaccinated are unhealthy. My children alone have never had to be put on antibiotics of any kind (besides Kreed when he was born premature). They have never needed over-the-counter drugs. We all need to be healthy without the use of vaccinations, antibiotics, or drugs. Ask yourself: how many times have you been to the doctor’s office in the last year with your sick children? How many times have they been put on antibiotics? How many times have you measured out Tylenol/Ibuprofen for them? And the list goes on…. I can honestly say that I have not because I have not needed to. We don’t have any of that stuff in our house, not because we are totally against it per say, but because we do not need it.  

So, my children are the unhealthy ones because they are unvaccinated? I think not. My children are happy and healthy, and it’s NOT due to vaccines. Sure, they get mild sickness here and there. It’s normal to be sick once in a while and good for our immune systems. We have been through coughs, stomach bugs, fevers, etc. We do not deal with these things the mainstream way of just treating symptom after symptom instead of addressing the cause. We are not constantly sick or dealing with something, and it is not common for kids to always be sick, even though that’s “common knowledge” these days. I have taken them to the emergency room a handful of times; come on, I have 5 kids, so what do you expect?

No, we are not anti-medicine. We need modern medicine, especially in case of an emergency. If my child were ever severely hurt, you would bet that I would use the modern medical entities at our convenience. I could write a whole different blog post about our sick-care system and how broken it is. How we spend twice as much per capita on healthcare (I mean sick-care) than does any other country, yet we are twice as sick with chronic disease. The problem is that we have systematically neglected wellness and disease prevention. Currently in in the US, the majority of every healthcare dollar is spent on treating illnesses and conditions AFTER they occur, but we spend pennies on prevention.


You’re probably thinking that vaccines are prevention, right? Preventing disease does not always come in the form of a shot or pill like we are made to think. We are sicker now than we were a generation ago, so how are those vaccines working out for us? We are trading infectious disease for chronic disease. As previously stated, diseases were in decline even before some vaccines were introduced. When our society started industrializing, and clean water, sewers, better sanitation, and better nutrition became readily available, disease was then on the decline.


Vaccines are a lose-lose experiment if you ask me. I don’t trust the government or drug companies. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but when you look into these vaccine “machines,” you have to sit back and scratch your head a little bit. When I would go and listen to the vaccines debates, the pro-vaxxers would always stumble when Big Pharma and vaccine manufacturers would come up. There is no question our government is corrupt when it comes to healthcare. I mean, look at what is happening. It’s FACT! Did you know that vaccines are a multibillion dollar business—yes, business. Vaccine producers work for the benefit of the government and big business, not for the benefit of the public. The large pharmaceutical firms are Novartis, Merk, and Pfizer. Thousands upon thousands of prosperous lobbyists spend fortunes to impact and even write the legislation that comes out of Washington. The pharmaceutical industry manufactures ALL vaccines and is one of the most substantial game players in Washington. They get anything and everything they want from our Congress on both sides. No one would dare stand up to them because of how much money and power they have. So, do you trust them? No, I don’t trust the FDA, the CDC, or the AMA. If the mainstream media is  constantly supporting and promoting it, I generally will push back against their political agendas conservatively, related to anything–marriage, abortions, guns, vaccines, socialized medicine, the list goes on. I refuse to participate because they like to spread propaganda and are mouthpieces for advertisers with corrupt political agendas. It’s Big Pharma at its finest.

Fun Fact: Did you know in the 80’s  liability protection was given to all manufacturers of vaccines, and to all of those agencies and individuals who give or work for them? Congress was conned into giving them them blanket immunity because in the event of a terrorist attack or disease outbreak, the pharmaceutical companies would not take the “risk of making something everyone might need”, so they were granted protection. When really its was because the vaccines were causing so much damage, that they could not keep up with all the lawsuits coming in. So they asked Congress to create a federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) and gave the pharmaceutical and medical trade industries a product liability shield. You can’t sue them if their product is faulty or causes damage. You can’t sure them if their product hurts your child!

Now, think about this for a second…..

I know, this is hard for you to believe, but stay with me here. Instead of only being able to have that protection in those events stated above, vaccine manufacturers have been given that protection for a lifetime! Right after finding out that they could make a product for which they would have an endless stream of costumers (our children) and for which they never have to pay any liability on, what do you know? THEY TRIPLED THE VACCINE SCHEDULE! Feeling mind blown yet? Crazy, right? Can you imagine the power? Do you really trust people with that much power with your children’s health? If you do, then more power to you! Please, by all means, vaccinate your kids. There will be more “recommended vaccines” (6 in one vaccine is coming down the pipeline), put on the schedule because of this power. The flu vaccine was only for people 65 years and older when it was first introduced, and now it is “recommended” at 6 months of age. Vaccines for diarrhea? Will you sign up?

No, thanks. I, for one, do not trust the government with my healthcare and medical decisions. No way do I feel they have our best interest at hand pertaining to vaccines and health in general.


Yes, the creation and administration of vaccines were originally well-intentioned, but now, as a result of greed and power, they have turned into nothing more than just that. We all pick and choose our own poisons and risks, so yes, we have to decide which ones we are willing to take. We take risks with all types of things. I do not feel the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks when I consider how vaccines are administered now, ingredients, corrupt government involvement, ect. We take a lot of pride in our health. Prevention is the key, so we do everything we can to keep our immune system working in full force. This way, when sickness does come, we can fight it off quickly, or it does not even manifest itself because of the strong threshold we have built in our bodies. No, I don’t feel like we are immortal, invincible, or immune. I know about diseases. Many diseases we fear today were common illness and no big deal, until the hysteria of vaccine companies took over to strike fear in the public.

And no I AM NOT AN ANTI-VAXXER! I AM AN EX-VAXXER. Sometimes I wish I was an Anti-vaxxer because I would not of had to experience what I did with my first son. I am not a doctor or scientist, but I am smart enough after doing all the research to know that VACCINES ARE NOT SAFE. I’ll take a risk that my healthy immune system can fight off over the risk of being forcibly inoculated with whatever toxins the creators of these vaccines choose to include. I will not be pressured into getting them with all the scare tactics people like to throw around. I’ll use my little abounding arsenal of home natural remedies and prevention tactics and get through it without the risk of long term side effects or reactions that have yet to be discovered or be made public.

Now as much strong belief as I have in this topic, I do believe in MEDICAL FREEDOM. Intentional research is a MUST! If you have read the ingredients, inserts, researched each disease, researched how the immune system works, and trust the government health vaccine program with your family. Then I support you in that decision, as for me and my family, we will choose to be a VACCINE FREE FAMILY.