What WHOLE NUTRITION means to me!

What is whole nutrition? Well, what does it mean to you to eat whole? I believe all of our bodies are different so we have to experiment with food to know what whole nutrition means to us. Yes, there are certain foundations; but for instance, some people do great with whole grains, and others don’t. Some people can handle a little bit of raw dairy and others can’t. So really becoming whole with your nutrition starts with you!

I do not conform to only one eating style, whether it is vegan, paleo, whole30, Keto, ect. I have ben accused of eating like a Pagan? Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of things about different ways of eating, but it never an absolute for me. Bottome line, I EAT WHOLE FOODS! This is a lifestyle. There are beautiful truths in all the different patterns of eating, however I do not like labels! How about I just eat whole foods? That is it! Sure, I do believe in eating lots of plants, and eating lots food that comes from the earth, but I don’t deprive myself. I believe eating whole foods gives us a form of structure and balance in our lives, more freedom and a healthy relationship with food.

The healthiest, highest quality food is fresh, local, whole, and organic, we know that right? However, I know for a fact that it is unrealistic to expect to eat the healthiest, highest quality food 100% of the time (note 80/20 rule), and holistically healthy people are pretty much on board and perfectly fine with this, despite what others make us out to be. Because why? Holistic nutrition based healthy people have learned to find that balance where we control food, and it does not control us!

You should not have mental distress over eating a treat from time to time. The mental anguish you feel over eating, lets say, a cookie is boundlessly more damaging to your physical and mental health than the actual treat itself. We should eat foods that make our bodies feel good, vital and alive. We know excessive treats don’t make anyone feel good, but occasional cookies are wonderful and delightful. Moderation in moderation, right? Moderation is not everyday or once a week.

 It’s a practice. It’s a lifestyle. Tuning into your intuitive self, to connect to the way your body is feeling is not so easy when it comes to nutrition. If you can truly make choices based on the way that the food will make your body feel, then it’s hard to go wrong. Significantly, it also requires NOT scrutinizing over food all the time, when you can just let it go. It will just breed anxiety and make you have an unhealthy relationship with food. It’s about nourishing our mind and bodies; BALANCE! Finding that sweet spot.

This approach to eating, to health, to wholefoods, and to life — it means so very much to me. Yes, so much that this lifestyle of eating truly influences every aspect of my life, and is a by-product of the work I do here with my website in this space. To share the idea of balance and joy in YOUR journey, as well as mine.

Lastly, I wanted point out that people embark on this journey of following a whole food eating with the sole intention of improving their heath, and enhancing their quality of life and vitality. And while enhanced physical and mental well-being is a worthy absolute and its benefits are undeniable, it is by no means the only importance of eating whole foods. It is about reclaiming our health and redefining the very meaning and nature of eating of food in general. Every time we buy, our dollars matter when it comes to whole foods! If we want to see more whole-foods that are affordable and obtainable, we have to start being a cautious food consumer. I am very passionate about eating whole foods, not only because of what it has done for my family’s health, but because it matters to our society too.


That’s it. WHOLE NUTRITION, find what it means to you!